Visa for Belgium

All information on applying for a visa to Belgium.

Refusal and possibility of appeal

Information about refusal of a visa application and the possibility of appeal.
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The Immigration Office in Brussels is the only competent authority to reject a visa application. The embassy is not competent to take this kind of decision. The role of the Embassy is just to forward the decision to the applicant.

After a refusal, in certain cases, it is sufficient to reintroduce a new file with additional information and/ or the missing documents (there is no time restriction - you can apply directly after having been informed of the decision) but the refusal may also be appealed through the Conseil du Contentieux des étrangers/Raad voor Vreemdelingenbetwistingen (art. 39/2 §2 and art. 39/82 of the law of 15 December 1980 on the entry, residence, settlement and expulsion of foreign nationals) by lodging (registered post) an appeal to have the decision suspended and/or annulled. The action must be brought within 30 days of the contested decision being announced. It has to be sent to:

Conseil du Contentieux des étrangers / Raad voor Vreemdelingenbetwistingen
Rue Gaucheret 92-94 
B-1030 Brussels 

The motivation/reason of the refusal will only be sent by post by the Embassy to the applicant. VFS, the Embassy or the Immigration office in Brussels will never communicate by phone or e-mail to third parties or to the guarantor the motivation/reason of the refusal.