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As a precaution in the fight against COVID-19 and following a proposal from the European Commission, the European Heads of State and Government decided on 17.03.2020 to temporarily limit the non-essential travel of third-country nationals to the European Union as much as possible.

For Belgium, the restrictions on non-essential extra-Schengen travel are in effect until 30.06.2020. This measure can then be extended or amended.

The travel restrictions apply to all non-essential trips to Belgium. Only travel for essential purposes can take place.

The travel restrictions do not apply to:

- nationals of all EU Member States and Schengen States so that they can return home;

- third-country nationals who are in possession of a Schengen residence card or a D visa so that they can return home;

Until further notice, the embassy does not accept any visa application and does not issue visas, except in exceptional cases (essential travel).

For more information, visit the website of the Belgian Immigration Office:



Belgian Visa Application Center

Thailand – Address No.10/104-106 (801-803),8th Floor, The Trendy Building Sukhumvit soi 13 ,Klongtoey-Nua Wattana ,Bangkok 10110.Thailand


Business Hours

08.30am to 12.00pm and 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Monday to Friday (except scheduled Holidays)





Call centre

+66 (02) 118 7002





Please note that applicants:

- need to book an appointment through VFS instead of booking an appointment through the Embassy

- need to submit their visa application at the Belgian Visa Application Center (address mentioned here above) and not at the Embassy

- in some cases, will need to present themselves for an interview at the Embassy after submitting their applications at the Belgian Visa Application Center (generally, the day after). The appointment of the interview is organized by VFS

- from the age of 6 need to provide biometric data (10 fingerprints and digital photo) when applying for a national D-visa


General information regarding national D-visa for Belgium is available on the website of the Immigration Office at the following address: 

Afnemen van biometrische gegevens in het kader van een aanvraag voor een visum D

Prise de données biométriques dans le cadre d’une demande de visa D

General information regarding visas for Belgium is available on the website of the Immigration Office at the following address: https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/en/Pages/home.aspx  .

You'll find on the following pages the information concerning:

Where, when and how can you submit your visa application?

The Visa Information System – Short stay visas 

How much is the handling fee (costs for processing your visa application)?

Required documents

Checking the status of your visa application and processing time

Refusal and possibility of appeal

Application forms, Insurance companies, Medical certificate, Certified doctors, good conduct, list of recognized translators, ...



Information on the GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation. Information to be provided to applicants concerning the processing of personal data in the Visa Information System (VIS) provided upon short stay visa applications

Privacy statement. Processing of personal data in the context of a visa application